Cardiac Catheterization

In addition to all of the examinations described on this site, Dr. Levchuck also routinely perform diagnostic and interventional cardiac catheterizations at St. Francis Hospital in Roslyn, NY.

The procedures are done under general anesthesia (the patient is asleep)

  1. Under the guidance of special X-rays called “fluoroscopy”
  2. Catheters (very long IV’s) are inserted in your groin and passed up into the heart
  3. If any of the valves or blood vessels are too narrow
  4. Balloons and stents (metal cages) are used to open them up
  1. If there are any holes or connections that should not be there
  2. Special devices can be placed to close them up
  3. Most patients go home the same day!

Cardiac Catheterization interventional cardiac catheterizationsdiagnostic and interventional cardiac catheterizations diagnostic cardiac catheterizations